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What is the fuzz

OneBMX personal timing is a complete solution to track and log your BMX riding at any track connected to the online timing service. The application is hosted in the cloud and is a complete backend and frontend application. You can hook any BMX or Pump Track to the solution that is wired with Mylaps ProChip system.

It is an intuitive design, made for anyone to use and operate. Connecting a track is done with a simple "Fire and Forget" principal. OneBmx track client helps you to configure the setup of your track layout, including loops and decoders. Activities are automaticaly pushed to the service (gates and passings) All communication with the service is done real-time over Internet. OneBmx backend hub is a modern web application implemented in .Net Core, hosted in Microsoft Azure. You access the service as a user over web from any device.. You set the pace! We keep your records!

more on the tech (TechSpec coming soon)
Our timing services

The components

Cloud timing service

The solution runs 24x7 in the cloud, hosted by Microsoft Azure. Your riding data is automatically pushed to the service.

Web App

Access via a webapplication from your smartphone, computer or tablet. Simply register your profile and you are all set.

Track Configurator

Make sure your track is connected. A handy tool helps you configure any track config with several options to set the loops setup and decoders.

Commercial Design

There is an annual fee pr. track for the connections to the service. In the future there will be a yearly fee for the riders. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Support us VIPPS #621734.

Connect and Go

The solution is made simple to operate. Once the track is configured you start the service on your track computer and off you go. It will auto detects all transponders. No fuzz.

MYLAPS ProChip System

Your BMX track need to be set up with MYLAPS ProChip System and timing loops.

Plans and services

Pick your pack

Complete Club Pack Norway

The complete BMX pack, wire your track and access all services for the riders and admin. Track config tool, access to BMX online hub and databases. This premium pack includes complete OneBMX timing system and Results Service Hub access.

Annual fee 4000 NOK
*Invoice service

Result Service Hub

Access to web for 2 indivinduals in your club to publish results, scores and invitations of your local races. This is a hosted service using Wordpress publishing engine with historical archive. Common bmx race service in Norway.

Annual fee 2000 NOK
*Invoice service

Club Pack International

The complete BMX pack, wire your track and access all services for the riders and admin. Track config tool, access to BMX online hub and databases. This Internastional pack includes complete OneBMX timing system without the Norwegian results service hub. *Requires MYLAPS Decoders and detection loops on track

Annual fee 300 Euros
*Invoice service


There is no riders fee to register and use the service. As a free rider you can always track you data live at any track connected to the service. Drawback as a free rider no stats or data will be stored. But we might tell you some instant feedback to your performance and session data while you are at the tracks.

Ticket to ride

If you are a rad racer you want to keep your stats and track your training progress. Pay an annual fee and then you can add your coach to allow monitoring and follow your progress. You will also be able to see all your historical runs and records on the tracks you are visiting wired to OneBMX timing. Many new features will be released for coach/rider relations. Training schedules, direct communication to name a few.

Annual fee 200 NOK / 20 Euro *** Free for now! Subscription will come later.

MYLAPS Transponder

Register your Mylaps transponder ID and link an alias or your real name. This will be displayed @ live pages when you are biking on a track connected to OneBMX. You can have several transponders assigned to same rider account.

Connected Tracks , Updated April 2021

Tracks online @ ONEBMX

Meet The Team

We are behind the service


Lars Tiben

Product Manager, Sales & Co Founder

Oddvar Gronning

Lead developer & Co Founder

Jonas Nordin

Principal Edge Developer

This is like an online coach. With OneBMX I can run a few laps, check my stats and let my coach watch and follow my training session from anywhere.

Annika Pettersen
Nordic Champion

My goal is to be the best possible BMX rider. OneBMX helps me keep track of my sessions and is a genius tool to see my current progress on different tracks.

Niklas Halvorsen
Pro BMX Athlete

Helps me keep track and stats on my riders. I can see their live activities and results. OneBMX is a great tool to keep up with riders and extend my reach outs as a coach.

Sebastian Kartfjord
Former BMX Pro, Coach National Team BMX Norway
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